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Transforming Your Property From the Inside Out

S&S Construction provides reliable home remodeling and carpentry services at affordable rates. Contact us in Philadelphia, PA

Who We Are

S&S Construction is a small family-owned home improvement business located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have a group of experienced carpenters and handymen that is ready to handle a wide variety of home repairs and meet your expectations.

Areas of Expertise:

    • Drywall Repairs
    • Tile Installations
    • Doors
    • Carpentry
    • Home Remodeling
    • And Many More…

Why Choose Us?

Our company provides the same services as the next guy, such as repairing, maintaining, and improving homes. However, there are differences in our approach, rates, quality of work, values, and personality, among other factors. We believe these small details are what make us unique and stay ahead of the competition.

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